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Good home security is a vital aspect of your everyday life. Boost your home’s protection by purchasing security doors from Maitland Locksmiths. We use products from Panther Protect because we trust the quality they provide.

The Many Benefits of Security Doors

The most obvious benefit of security doors is safety. Nearly all security doors resist drilling, and even the most determined intruders require specialised equipment to break in. In testing, Panther Protect security doors withstood twenty times the impacts the Australian Standard requires. They have numerous additional benefits, which include:

  • Protection from Extreme Weather—The doors we use meet the standard requirements for both bush fire areas and cyclone prone areas.
  • Reduce Energy Bills—During the summer months, you can open the main door to allow a breeze. During the winter months, the extra door prevents heat from escaping.
  • Increase Light—Opening the main door creates another window, which brightens the area and makes it seem more spacious.
  • Increase Curb Appeal—We offer many designs and colours to choose from, and this flexibility helps you create a polished, cohesive look that adds to your property’s market value.
  • Easily Accessible—Panther Protect door frames feature low welding so wheelchairs, small children and pets are in no danger of getting stuck or hurt.

The Most Trusted Security Doors in Maitland

We protect all products and workmanship we provide with a 12 month warranty. We never cut corners, which means we do the job correctly the first time. Choose us as your security resource if you would like fast and friendly service at low prices.

When you decide you want a new security door in Maitland, call us on 4933 3303. You can also email us at mail@maitlandlocksmiths.com.au or use the contact form to the right of this page. We’re located at 2/95 High Street, East Maitland NSW 2323.