We Supply and Install High Quality Safes in Maitland

* Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Freight is not included in the price as this can vary due to size & weight differences. A total price will be given on request in the form of a written quote.


• 3mm body with 6mm door.
• Fitted with 3 removable swinging leaves to accept 250 keys.
• Secured by Digital, combination or key locking.
• 2 x 12mm bolt holes in back and 2 in the base.


Ideal for securing video surveillance equipment etc.
• Body all 3mm steel plate
• Door 6mm steel plate
• Secured by 3 x 20mm sliding locking bolts and a “Ross” 102 6 lever key lock
• Fitted with 2 x adjustable shelves, each with 2 x 50mm wire access holes
• 12 x 50mm wire access holes in rear
• Weight 112KG


• All 3mm body steel plate
• 6mm door steel plate
• 4 x 12mm mount holes in base
• Secured by ROSS 700 key lock with 5 only 20mm locking bolts, top and bottom and front with full back locking
• Fitted with 5 adjustable shelves
• Door opens to 90 degree providing a clear access of 1415H x 455W
• Weight 135kg


BODY: CMI Security Cabinets supplied with all 3mm body.
DOOR: All models have a 4mm plate door with anti-jack hinges and fixed rear door locking.
BOLTWORK: All models have retractable 3 point boltwork.
MOUNTING: All models come with 4 x 16mm bolt holes in base.
LOCKING: Available in • Digital • Key • Dial combination


CMI Security Filing Cabinets offer first-class fire and theft protection in the one unit.
BODY: Total thickness 70mm. The safe body features a highly efficient fire-resistant mineral compound of extremely low heat conductivity between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel. A sealed expanding gasket is fitted around the entire door perimeter to resist entry of heat, smoke and water.
DOOR: Total thickness 90mm. The safes have a heavy steel plate door and frame for maximum strength, with an insulation chamber fitted to the rear. Front and rear locking bolts of 32mm diameter high grade steel provide 2-way
locking into the specially strengthened lock chamber sections at front and rear edges of the door. Special hinges allow the door to turn through 270º to remain parallel with the side of the safe allowing clear internal access.
LOCKING: Secured by a digital lock powered by 1 x 9V Duracell battery. Glass
activated relocker system to further enhance safe security.
INTERNAL FITTINGS: Supplied complete with a filing cabinet of appropriate size. Optionally, may be supplied with a smaller filing cabinet and some adjustable shelving.
FINISH: Painted in attractive durable enamel. Satin finish handles, locks and fascia panel complement the high quality appearance.