Locks & Ignition Barrels

If you’re having trouble with the locks on your car or you need to jiggle the key to get it to turn in the ignition, you should come & see Maitland Locksmiths before you do anything. A lot of people jump to the conclusion that they need new locks but that’s not the case most of the time. Most of the time you just need a new key cut (to the key code & not just duplicated), but when it’s also a problem with the lock or ignition we can take the lock apart & rekey it which keeps the lock or ignition working off the same key as it did. This is the most cost effective way & it also means you don’t have a different key for the door & ignition.

Car Keys cut to Manufacturers Specification

When we cut our car keys, we can work out the manufacturers key code by reading the cuts on your key. By getting your key cut to code, it will prolong the life of your locks & ignition because you’re not using an old worn key in the barrel. We often find the key works better than before & sometime will even work in a lock you old key didn’t.

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